News! Here's all the News you Wanted

Welp. It's pretty official now. The Book, as I like to call it, now has a Pulbisher Mandated Title: That being The Tropes of Fantasy Fiction. While it's not the most exciting title in the world, I rather liked the Flesh and Bones of Fantasy Fiction personally, it is a title of a book of mine that's going to be published. And what's not to like about that?

The next thing is to wait for them to send the book back to me to do the edits, then do the index - which I'm not sure how I feel about and hopefully we'll get a publication date soon!

I'm sure I should put some more stuff up here, but I'll do that later. In the meantime there are pictures! There are Stories! There's Secret Pages! Can you find them?! I'm sure you can.

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